Premium Quality means
High Performance.

What does performance in a wood pellet mean? For starters, less maintenance for you. Less wear and tear on your wood pellet stove. Less waste in the bag. All in a product that is clean burning energy, costs less money than other forms of fuel and is made, not just in the USA – but right here in your neighborhood. Find Your Local Dealer.


No Harmful or Artificial
Components Added

Thanks to exacting manufacturing standards, Dry Creek wood pellets are among the highest performing pellet fuels available. See Our Products

  • Consistently high BTUs with minimal ash for less stove cleaning – 8,200 BTU/lb
  • Uniform pellets for even burning
  • Minimized fines for less waste
  • Routine in-house product testing is performed to safeguard the quality and consistency of our pellet fuel
  • No harmful or artificial components

Efficient and Affordable Warmth

What can you expect from using wood pellet fuel? It’s simple; clean burning, cost-efficient heating for your home. Wood pellets are a significantly more sustainable choice than propane, standard electricity or kerosene, and far more convenient than firewood. Giving you comfort and savings that really add up. Calculate Your Savings.